Meet The Team

Coffee Artisans

We’re coffee purists, not coffee snobs. A passionate collective of artists, musicians, designers, tech creatives, baristas, and coffee enthusiasts. Evolving over many years, countless miles and infinite cups consumed, our coffee artisans each have a unique story and relationship with coffee, but the same goal: to make yours exceptional.

Our coffee artisans love coffee, love people, and are just a little bit crazy (all artists are), because while we’ve gathered baristas that have 10+ years of experience, better than that – they have heart and personalities you’ll want to connect with. 

Our “Germa-Rican” latté artist and head coffee artisan is a connoisseur of all things coffee. With 25 years of experience, he’s gone from picking the bean to grinding and serving it. The espresso machine is an extension of his identity. With this love for coffee, we’ve trained all of our staff: local coffee artisans who lovingly handcraft each cup.