Our Space

Introducing the Coffee Shop Reimagined

The journey is the destination. And with that in mind, we knew we had to create the perfect space for our coffee to be enjoyed. Because coffee is about a whole lot more than a caffeine fix. Coffee is an experience. What that vision produced is a contemporary interpretation of the classic European café. Design commands the space – gallery meets coffee house (meets jazz lounge).

We believe the most pleasing environments are a reflection of the community and culture around them. They are a blend of art, music, design, flavor, sights, sounds, smells, and the people who inhabit them. We respect the important relationships between personality, professionalism, and décor that bring them all together and create unity. Where calm is created through creative chaos, community, and conversation. The result is the stuff of dreams. Our dreams, to be exact. And – we hope – the dreams of all of you who honor us with a visit. Who make this your work space. Your relaxation space. Your creative space. Your life space. Because that it what we set out to create.

Modern character with a vintage soul

The Urban Mix “soul” is a blend of modern and classic. Recalling the streamlined simplicity of the European café-cocktail bar, mixed with modern soul and featuring local art and artisans that create a sparkling atmosphere between the hum of quiet conversation, the buzz of the espresso machines, and the soft tinkling of mood music.

Environment is what we’re curating here. If you’re like us, you eat with your eyes as much as your mouth. We built an atmosphere that’s a feast for the eyes, mouth, mind, and soul. From our tall pop art mural of Audrey Hepburn that greets you as you walk in the door, to our hand painted teak bar that runs from our Wi-Fi boutique to our live listening lounge, to the outlets that loyally line every wall, we’ve paid distinguished attention to detail so that you feel at home, feel relaxed, feel inspired, and feel an elevated sense of what life should be like.

Get in The Mix

Maybe you’re looking for the perfect spot to finish the latest chapter of your book. Maybe you need an inspiring setting to get some work from home done. Perhaps you just need a hip place to study or have a meeting outside of the same four (home) office walls. Whatever your daily grind goal is – we can help.

Come in and relax with a cup of snobbishly good coffee (hold the snobbery) in our pop-industrial space that can do double-duty as your remote office. Replete with farm-direct, locally roasted coffee along with local, fresh-baked pastries and paninis and some good old fashioned conversation with the owners (Denver natives! They do exist!) or our congenial coffee artisans.