Welcome To Urban Mix

Coffee With He(ART)

Our Story

How It All Began 

In 2015, Urban Mix Coffee started when founder and Denver firefighter, Joe Florez, had a morning meeting at the Casey, down the street from what is now Urban Mix, and wanted a good cup of coffee. There was nothing in the area. “I went WOW – the people in this neighborhood need a coffee shop!” 

He and his wife (and fellow Denver firefighter), Jen, started walking around the neighborhood, asking people what they thought about their business idea. They all said “we need a coffee shop!  We’d love a coffee shop!” Coffee shops are a people/service business. And our lives have been dedicated to serving people, in one form or another. Less than a year later, here we are, serving our neighbors our special blend (our “urban mix”) of coffee, culture, and conversation.

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Our Vision

When you close your eyes and imagine the best cup of coffee in the most perfect coffee shop you’ve ever been – from the colors and textures to the smells, sounds, food, lighting, and even the other people in the joint… that’s what we wanted to build. To bring that soulful vision and experience to Denver and to you. Bringing the vision to life. Not just in the design of our store, but in our employees, our product, our community.

+      Staff: We’ve collected artists, travelers, humanitarians… who happen to be lovers of the almighty roasted bean (and vine-ripened grape) who believe that most of the world’s differences and issues can be solved with good conversation over a great cup of coffee. 

+      Ambiance: Urban Mix represents something beyond a cup of coffee. Leave your “skin deep” self at the door and enter an experience defined by great coffee. great food. AWESOME people. An environment that is positive and welcoming and allows you to just be, outside of the loud opinions of the world outside.  We love coffee… We love people even more. 

+      Coffee:  Why Coffee? Coffee is about socializing, relaxing, creating, enjoying, soothing. We want to elevate coffee to a whole new level. From the cup to the experience. Our goal is to create an environment (an ideal experience) for you that lets you be your best self.

We, as humans, have a romantic ideal about coffee. A universal vision shared across ages, geography, and demographics. The ideal coffee shop is an archetype that unifies… so do wine and jazz. Urban Mix creates a Holy Trinity trifecta of these universal human truths that encourage and inspire us all to come together – to “mix”.

Joe & Jen Florez

Our Mission


For us, this isn’t just a business; this is a mission. We’ve been serving the community for decades as firefighters. It’s only recently that we’ve decided to serve the community through coffee. We can all relate to coffee, community, jazz, and art. They transcend our differences and unite. This is the dream we’ve brought to life: to bring people together in this “urban mix”. 

We’ve created a place where everyone is welcome. The best of both worlds: coffee bar meets cocktail bar. A place where you can connect with your neighbors, turn strangers into friends, relax, create, and nurture your own sense of soulfulness. Surrounded by great food, great company, and great conversation. 

We’re committed to a seriously local focus, discovering and championing all local vendors. We proudly serve products from Denver companies like The Tea Spot and Pablo’s Coffee – one of Denver’s first craft roasters – along with organic, sustainably harvested salads and food items.

 We believe ardently in: Eye contact. Travel. Handshakes. People.

Introducing the Coffee Shop Reimagined

Come by Thursdays-Saturdays for live jazz and peruse the local fine art, hand-painted teak bar and 00-foot-high Audrey Hepburn pop art mural that greets you as you walk in, before sinking into one of our plush leather couches to watch a live set and watch our coffee artisans at work. We’ve done our best to strike a harmonious balance between understated glamour and comfortable design, so you feel right at home sweet glamorous home.

About Our Space

Made in Denver

We didn’t invent the latté. We’ve just given it Denver roots. Sourced locally, hand selected for quality and character (our coffee and our staff!). Because we feel that great people produce great coffee.

Masters of Taste (and good conversation)

Just as the French named the wine expert ‘sommelier’, perhaps we should take from our French friends and dare dub our coffee experts, ‘cafeliers’ – but we prefer coffee artisans. So our baristas, or coffee artisans as we like to call them, are artists, designers, musicians, and great conversationalists who extend their art to the worthy artistic task of serving exceptional coffee. 

Commitment to Quality

We have an obsession with quality. From locally and responsibly sourced coffee and food, to a hand-curated wine list, and a platform for talented local artists and musicians. We sift for the best epicurean and artisanal delights like miners sift for gold. We’re ardently devoted to creating a destination where the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and experiences are all elevated to a new normal expectation of excellence as a way of life.

Our Coffee

What do people look for in a great cup of coffee? Impeccable is the word that comes to mind. Our coffee collection is designed by our “Germa-Rican” latté artist with sleek precision coming from more than 25 years of experience as a coffee artisan. Crafted with locally roasted beans, characterized by bold yet balanced flavor profiles and a clean, pared down aesthetic that allows the flavor of the bean to shine through. Intricately hand pulled by our coffee artisans, and accented with a local culture and flair that is distinctly Denver. We offer top-notch artisanal roasts to coffee purists and not-so-purists alike, along with botanical elixirs, and (coming soon!) coffee cocktails and wine.

Coffee Artisans

We’re coffee purists, not coffee snobs. A passionate collective of artists, musicians, designers, tech creatives, baristas, and coffee enthusiasts. Evolving over many years, countless miles and infinite cups consumed, our coffee artisans each have a unique story and relationship with coffee, but the same goal: to make yours exceptional.

Our coffee artisans love coffee, love people, and are just a little bit crazy (all artists are), because while we’ve gathered baristas that have 10+ years of experience, better than that – they have heart and personalities you’ll want to connect with. 

The Art of Coffee

Because coffee is about a whole lot more than a caffeine fix – coffee is an experience – we knew we had to create the perfect space for our coffee to be enjoyed. Gallery meets European café–cocktail bar meets jazz lounge. Art and culture reign at Urban Mix in a space that captures the craftsmanship and detailing emblematic of a gallery, with curated coffee that is masterfully hand-finished specific to your tastes, as only master baristas can do.