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Coffee is power. Coffee has the power to change the world… from drooping eyelids to warming hands and hearts to inspiring creativity and conversation. We celebrate that coffee isn’t just another beverage. It has a rich, soulful past and culture, from the Italian love affair with espresso to the French savoir vivre of coffee and milk, and has a unique energy, charm, and social style that brings people together.


Coffee = community & conversation. Great decisions and great comings together have happened over a cup. We believe in: community, conversation, travel, culture, integrity, heart, soul, humanity. Our coffee is locally roasted, and our culture and values are based on our upbringing right here in Denver. It’s not just about selling you a cup of coffee. It’s about people, vision for the neighborhood, connections, and providing an experience for neighbors to live, work, and create an “urban mix”


Modern character with a vintage soul. The Urban Mix “soul” is a blend of modern and classic. Recalling the streamlined simplicity of the European café-cocktail bar, mixed with modern soul and featuring local art and artisans that create a sparkling atmosphere between the hum of quiet conversation, the buzz of the espresso machines, and the soft tinkling of mood music.

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Seriously Local

We’re committed to a seriously local focus, discovering and championing all local vendors. We proudly serve products from Denver companies like The Tea Spot and Pablo’s Coffee – one of Denver’s first craft roasters – along with organic, sustainably harvested salads and food items.

Local and responsibly sourced coffee and food, a hand-curated wine list, and a platform for local artists and musicians. We sift for the best epicurean delights like miners sift for gold. We’re ardently devoted to creating a destination where the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and experiences are all elevated to a new normal expectation of excellence as a way of life.

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When you close your eyes and imagine the best cup of coffee in the most perfect coffee shop you’ve ever been – from the colors and textures to the smells, sounds, food, lighting, and even the other people in the joint… that’s what we wanted to build. To bring that soulful vision and experience to Denver and to you. Bringing the vision to life. Not just in the design of our store, but in our employees, our product, our community. 

For us, this isn’t just a business; this is a mission. We’ve been serving the community for decades as firefighters. It’s only recently that we’ve decided to serve the community through community and through coffee. We can all relate to coffee, community, jazz, and art. They transcend our differences and unite. This is the dream we’ve brought to life: to bring people together in this “urban mix”. 

–Joe & Jen Florez, Founders

Beans Required To Fill One Sack of Coffee
66 Billion
Cups of Coffee Per year
100 Million
Daily Coffee Drinkers in the U.S.
3 Cups
of Coffee Per Day (Average American)

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